How did Thomas Aquinas investigate the Life Questions? In other words, what was Thomas’ method in finding answers. In this episode, we discuss Thomas’ approach to the study of God, formally known as theology. Aquinas was committed to the Anselmian method of fides quaerens intellectum (“faith seeking understanding”). Throughout his writings and his teaching, he used reason as a tool to better understand Christian revelation, expressed most notably in the pages of Scripture. Because of his use of faith and reason, Aquinas provides Catholic Christians a perennial model for engaging the Life Questions. Whether using the writings of his contemporary Scholastic colleagues or drawing upon the philosophical treatises of non-Christians such as Avicenna or Maimonides, Aquinas was committed to pursuing truth through faith and reason. Join us this week as discuss Aquinas’ approach and why his example continues to provide a model for engaging any and all truth claims.

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