Summary of Spe Salvi (Saved by Hope) by Pope Benedict XVI – pt 3 of 3


In part 3 of this series on hope, we look at the biblical example Abraham and how his trust in God appeared foolish, particularly in his sacrifice of Isaac.  We discuss the gratuitous nature of love, and how love as a gift exceeds rational proof.  We also look at Job, Newman, Cardinal Thuan, and Mary, who all knew how to wait well with patience and trust.

How and why should we have hope in God when there is so much evil in world?  What are the challenges of having hope when we do not know the future? How do we deal with suffering? If our goal in life is to avoid suffering as much as possible, our life can lead to a life of meaninglessness, and the C

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hristian life encourages us to learn how to accept, mature and find meaning through union with Christ, who suffered with infinite love. Our mission and identity can be discovered in the midst of our deepest suffering.

We also discuss the phenomenon of atheism in the 19th and 20th centuries and how Benedict argues that atheistic humanism fails to take into account the human inclination toward evil. Benedict sets the Christian doctrine of hope against the atheistic notion that human existence has no ultimate meaning aside from the meanings assigned to it by human beings.


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