Robert Bellarmine on the Need for Spiritual Vigilance

Spiritual vigilance is one of the most important considerations for the Catholic Christian. Bellarmine seeks to equip Catholic Christians with an acute sense of the need for spiritual vigilance throughout the Christian life. Working from the text of Luke [12:35]-37, Bellarmine seizes upon Jesus’ parable of staying spiritually alert for the Day of Judgement.  At the core of Bellarmine’s spirituality is his belief that everyone will render an account for their thoughts and deeds done in this life. In light of this momentous reckoning which will befall every human being either at the moment of death or for those living near the end of human history, at Christ’s Second Coming, Bellarmine urges Catholic Christians to take seriously the need to make a daily examination of conscience, to confess their sins and to make amends for the wrongs done. Catholic Christians, he believed, need to be spiritually prepared to meet Christ the Judge lest they be leave this life unexpectedly. Rather than being taken by surprise as a result of suddenly meeting their judge, Bellarmine maintains that Catholic Christian should strive to strive to be pleasing to God in all things. Join us this week as we discuss Bellarmine’s perspective on the importance of spiritual vigilance for dying well and living a responsible Christian life.


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