Nurturing the spiritual life

by sharing the riches of our Catholic heritage

what we do


We use the intellectual, theological and spiritual heritage of the Catholic faith 

to help all who long for a deeper spiritual life.


Thomas Aquinas

The Wisdom of the Doctors

To learn wisdom, let us go to the teachers of wisdom. These are saints whose ability to articulate the faith is esteemed.  They have been named such for expressing so well the Catholic faith.

Image of All Saints in heaven

The Communion of Saints

Changed by the Gospel, these people have radiated God’s beauty and help light our own path. With their company, we can find fellowship, inspiration and guidance.

The Teachings of Our Tradition

Beliefs and practice are inextricably connected. We help unpack the doctrine and practices of our faith so that we may be drawn more into the life of Christ and the Church.


sources for inspiration

Lessons from Spiritual Masters


Different cultures.

Across centuries.

Unique lives and stories.

All compelled by Christ.


Paul Cong Hasang
Fr. Miguel Pro
Fr. Maximilian Kolbe
image of all saints
Pope Benedict XVI
Young John Henry Newman
ways to grow spiritually

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How Did Thomas Aquinas Study the Bible?
How Did Thomas Aquinas Study the Bible?

How did Thomas Aquinas (ca. 1224-1275) study the Bible? In this episode, we provide a brief overview of the salient characteristics of Thomas Aquinas’ approach to the study of the biblical text. We note, among other things, that Aquinas read the Bible by adopting a...

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