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Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Eleventh Fruit – The Equity of Christ’s Judgement – CHSS 36
Bonaventure on the Equity of Christ's JudgementIn the Eleventh Fruit, Bonaventure discusses Christ’s future role as judge of all human[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Tenth Fruit – The Sublimity of Christ’s Ascension – CHSS 35
Bonaventure on the Sublimity of Christ's Ascension In the Tenth Fruit, Bonaventure reflects on Christ’s Ascension into heaven and the[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Ninth Fruit – The Novelty of Christ’s Resurrection – CHSS 34
Bonaventure on Christ's Resurrection In the Ninth Fruit, Bonaventure discusses Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Taking as his point of[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Eighth Fruit – Jesus’ Victory in the Conflict of Death – CHSS 33
Bonaventure, Tree of Life - Eighth Fruit - Jesus' Victory in the Conflict of Death - CHSS 33 In the[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Seventh Fruit – Jesus’ Constancy under Torture – CHSS 32
In the Seventh Fruit, Bonaventure reflects upon the sentencing of Jesus to death by Pontius Pilate, his torture and execution[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Sixth Fruit – Jesus’ Patience in Maltreatment – CHSS 31
In the Sixth Fruit, Bonaventure looks at the final hours of Jesus’ life, specifically the events surrounding Jesus’ trials before[...]
Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Fifth Fruit – Jesus’ Confidence in Trials – CHSS 30
In the fifth fruit, Bonaventure focuses our attention on Jesus’ confidence in his final trials. Focusing on the betrayal by[...]

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