Bonaventure on the Equity of Christ’s Judgement

In the Eleventh Fruit, Bonaventure discusses Christ’s future role as judge of all human beings and as the bridegroom of the Church. Following the tradition of Augustine and the Western Church, Bonaventure paints a picture of Christ’s work as judge of all humanity. He works heavily from the Old and New Testament texts which affirm God’s eschatological role as judge.

Bonaventure rounds out his portrayal of Jesus as not only merciful savior but also just judge. In addition, Bonaventure echoes the Gospels in presenting Jesus as the bridegroom of the Church. Christ will greet the Church, which is the saints, into eternal paradise and communion with himself. These statements about Christ’s role as judge are intended to inspire diligence in the hearts of the faithful as they make their journey toward heaven or to await, like the wise virgins, the advent of their bridegroom.

Join us this week as we continue to our series on Bonaventure’s Tree of Life.

An image of Christ seated in heaven surrounded by the disciples who are sitting on thrones looking down upon the saints on the left hand sides and the demons and damned on the other.

Image of Jesus Crucified by Giotto di Bondone (d. 1337) .

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