Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Sixth Fruit – Jesus’ Patience in Maltreatment – CHSS 31

In the Sixth Fruit, Bonaventure looks at the final hours of Jesus’ life, specifically the events surrounding Jesus’ trials before Herod and Pilate. He sets in stark contrast the impiety of Jesus’ persecutors with his humility, mercy and grace. read more…

Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Fifth Fruit – Jesus’ Confidence in Trials – CHSS 30

In the fifth fruit, Bonaventure focuses our attention on Jesus’ confidence in his final trials. Focusing on the betrayal by Judas to his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane, Bonaventure shows his readers how Jesus operated with a deep understanding of God’s providence. In light of this overarching perspective, Jesus treated Judas with compassion and approached his captors with calm and conviction. read more…

Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Third Fruit – The Loftiness of His Power – CHSS 28

In the third fruit, Bonaventure focuses our attention on the Loftiness of Jesus Christ’s Power. From Christ’s baptism to his transfiguration, Bonaventure takes the reader across the life of Christ to help focus the reader’s attention on Christ’s power. read more…

Bonaventure, Tree of Life – Second Fruit – The Humility of His Mode of Life – CHSS 27

What was one of the salient characteristics of Christ’s life? Bonaventure points to Christ’s humility as the guiding principle for all his actions. In his treatment of the second fruit, Bonaventure argues that humility is the root and the guardian of read more…

Bonaventure, Tree of Life – First Fruit – His Distinguished Origin – CHSS 26

What are Christ’s pre-incarnate origins? In this episode, we examine Bonaventure’s high Christology, which forms the basis of his theological reflection on Jesus Christ’s two natures (human and divine) in his singular and divine person. Join us this week as we discuss how Bonaventure read more…

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